1. Blues Whacker Reply

    Just got the new Lloyd Jones CD – great tune called “Where’s My Phone”. Could be blues recording of the year??? Meanwhile, talk a little – no trash talkin’. What’s goin’ on in your Blues World?. Still no Fairview but the blues guy on CoOp Radio says Kozak’s every Wednesday at Pat’s Pub and the Blue Water Cafe sometimes has blues.

  2. Blues Whacker Reply

    Yer Back!!!! Hopefully this means That Its Not The End!!!!!

    • BIG BIC Reply


  3. DD White Reply

    Not a whole lotta talk since I was last here 3 or 4 years ago. Apart from that, a great Walter Trout show – people at work still talking about it. What do you others think?

  4. BIG BIC Reply

    Got my rocks off with Kingfish …. What a show. Looking forward to Mr. Trout

  5. Ron Reply


  6. Peter Kucera Reply

    Any news on Walter Trout ?
    There seems to be a date in December, but I can’t find tickets anywhere.

    Thanks, Peter

  7. Blues Whacker Reply

    When will Walter Trout tickets be on sale??????

    • Russ Murray Reply

      Soon. We’ll have an announcement on our site, PLUS we’ll announce it on our Facebook Page.

    • Blues Whacker Reply

      Thanks Russ. I see next week they go on sale to the Society list. Really looking forward to Trout as it has been many years since Walter was last in Vancouver. I see that the Trout band is quite different from his visits here in the early part of his career. Getting rave reviews..

  8. Miss Mark Reply

    Pleasant to see a local blues website – somewhat up to date. More participation would help? Yes, I saw Jack playing at Burnaby Blues. Small crowd. If I’m paying big bucks to see blues I wanna see something more worthy. The festival’s billing of blues is bogus as most know. Like others that day it was my last visit to Burnaby Blues. Stick to The Fairview & the odd show at The Rio otherwise zzzzzz.

  9. BIG BIC Reply

    Gave up on Burnaby Blues & Roots this year. I understand Jack Lavin & Co. were featured at the side gate.Any further reports on that????


  10. Ben Reply

    You mean, Burnaby Blues & ROOTS. I’ve been going these past 6 years and I must say most of the blues acts booked (& that’s not many) have been lack-lustre.

    I’ve got my tickets for Sonny Landreth & that should suffice for the month of August. If you don’t know Sonny yet then do yourself a favour & catch the show – anyone who calls themself a student of the 6 string should be out to see this guy. He literally blows any other pretender out of the ballpark. Mind-boggling finger work. Must be pretty much sold out by now.


  11. Blues Whacker. Reply

    Anyone heading for Burnaby Blues tomorrow?? Don’t see any blues bands listed????

  12. Bob Reply

    Seem a few of you liked Montoya’s show this spring … word from Alligator is that Cocos new album will be out in 2 weeks. Wondering where to buy? Red Cat? or that chainstore in Guilford or Metro Town.
    Guys, you should be supporting your local store otherwise it will be curtains for record stores as we know it. Screw the online thing

  13. Big Bic Reply

    I’m back again. Congratulations on the Coco Montoya concert. Thought there would be more comments, anyway heading out this weekend to get my Sonny Landreth tickets. So Walter Trout coming – been a long time since he was in Vancouver.

  14. Geechee Dan Reply

    Agree with you Ben. Folks really dug Montoya

  15. Ben Reply

    One Hell Of A Show.. Hell of a performance by Montoya and lets not forget local guy Isaak.. People were in love with the blues last night & nothing wrong with that. Lets Do It Again.

  16. Davy W. Reply

    Agree with comments about “Pure Notes From Coco”. Always has a great band. Saw all his shows here with John Mayall and Walter Trout. Looking forward to the show & don’t mind the early start at all.
    Remember in the old days getting home at 3 am. can’t do that No More …lol

  17. Blues Whacker Reply

    I’m expecting a cracking show from Montoya. Just a solid unspectacular player who plays pure notes – no shredding, no over-the-top shit. If in doubt check out his “Hard Truth” CD.Especially love those long slow blues.So he will be on at 8.30 pm ??

    • Ron Reply

      Yes 8.20 – 8.30 pm. Home for the 11 o’clock News

  18. Johnnie Wright Reply

    The Montoya show will be great. Saw him 3 times with John Mayall and at that show at The Yale with Tommy Castro.. Hope to see a few of you from the bloooz cruises at the show.

  19. R Percy Reply

    Grabbed 3 tickets over the weekend for Montoya – looking forward to the show.. Left-Handed upside down player . Great voice. I will be sitting in my seat with a glass of wine. Saw him first at The Town Pump with Albert Collins & The Icebreakers. I believe Coco & Albert were quite close.

  20. Swampy Reply

    Swampy agrees with all comments referring to The Rio. A very comfortable place to go, staff great, sound usually superb and the big seats and whats more important is there is some great funky places to eat at on the strip. Ole!

  21. Squeaky Reply

    Been awhile. I attended a couple of shows at The Blue Frog recently. Not great seats and jammed in tight. Reminds me of concerts in a rec center or high school gym. As I’m aging The Rio as a venue serves me well with those comfortable seats. No more visits to White Rock

  22. BIG BIC Reply

    I was shocked to hear of Rory Gallagher’s drummer passing away. It seems like it was just last week he was thumpin’ those skins down at The Fox with Gerry McAvoy. I was just reading up a bit on this Montoya guy. Left-handed upside down. So ya sayin’ I’ll be home before midnight? Drinks in my seat. Can I get a cup of tea …. lol Much too love about you guys. BB

  23. Ron Reply

    Sad to hear of Ted McKenna’s passing. I’ve just read of Michael Ledbetter’s death on Monday… The blues word being decimated

  24. Ron Reply

    Sad news, Ted McKenna from the Band Of Friends passed away this morning. Further details at

  25. Blue Tiger Reply

    In regards to Blues Whacker’s comments about early starts – actually it’s a god send. I remember the days when the opening act started at 11 pm. F**king Crazy. You’d stumble out after 2 am, head home and then after 3 hrs kip be off to work. Thank god the dance crowd don’t convene until 11 pm. I know it’s a struggle but you guys (CPBS) are most appreciated for producing these shows.

  26. Blues Whacker. Reply

    Great night of loud blues/rock at The Fox.. Took me back a few years.

  27. Jesse Reply

    Well the cooler weather is with us. Looking forward to this “Band Of Friends” group. Weird name but a very strong connection to Rory Gallagher. The outlet where I bought my tickets was just about out so I’m assuming that the show about to be sold out, eh!

  28. Blues Whacker Reply

    This show at The Fox looks intriguing. I like the idea of these early starts – who gives a f**k if they do DJs afterwards. This is meat & potatoes Irish style blues rock and I must say this guy Knowles nails it.
    It does not hurt to have Rory’s bass & drummer. I’ll be hoisting a few next Friday. Bring some of the lads

  29. Blue Tiger Reply

    Right on Sonia. I’d welcome Janiva Magness, Diunna Greenleaf or Dawn Tyler Watson anytime. Solid ladies solid blues.

  30. Sonia Wright Reply

    I agree Polly. More great blues women. What say you ladies

  31. Pretty Polly Reply

    Just a note to say that I really enjoyed the Sue Foley show. Wonderful to see such a talented lady on guitar. I did not realize that Sue had once lived in Vancouver. Kudos & bring more women blues artists to town. PP

  32. Esther Reply

    I was impressed with Sue Foley last night – had never seen her before. Wonderful seating at The Rio

  33. Brad McDougal Reply

    Great show by Sue Foley – Jim Byrnes looked a little tired. Nice stories by Jim. Altogether, a very enjoyable presentation.

  34. Brad McDougal Reply

    Yes, who is in the Jim Byrnes Band?????? Seems to play with so many different players these days.

    • Brad McDougal Reply

      My understanding it is Pat Steward (Bryan Adams , The Odds) on drums, Simon Kendall (Doug & The Slugs) on keyboards and somebody ? Rodgers on bass.- strong lineup. A new band for Jim – I’m not sure. ron

  35. Sonia Wright Reply

    That’s great that you are bringing Sue Foley to the Rio. This afternoon I was watching some SUE FOLEY with Jimmy Vaughan, Billy F Gibbons, George Rains etc on YouTube. Recorded at Antones this year. Sound is a bit iffy but great visuals but visuals are great. Who does Sue have in her band>?

    Same thing with Jim Byrnes. Will he have Steve Dawson and The Black Hen crew??? Going to be a great nigh. Blues Euphoria!!!!!!

  36. S. D. Brandt Reply

    A newcomer to this site. Just spent the last few minutes reading the comments. I’ve attended a few of your shows in the past and have really enjoyed some of those performances especially the ones at The Rio.Does John Hammond still travel this way?? I attended the Dave Alvin show 2 weeks ago. Enjoyed the show very much but tough on the old legs – that’s why I enjoy the comfortable seats at The Rio.

  37. Garth Thompson Reply

    Not sure about that Rory Gallagher thing but you can certainly count me in for Jim Byrnes & Sue Foley show. Taking my ‘nlaws.

  38. Blue Tiger Reply

    Hey Rory Gallagher Fan, I’m with ya ….. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Never saw Rory but lately been watching YouTube stuff of both Rory an Band Of Friends. This kid is really good.


    Man, I just found out about this show. Wow! Its McAvoy & McKenna. They call themselves “Band Of Friends” and are at The Fox in December. Let’s get out & support this show RG Fans. This show will make my Year. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  40. Squeaky Reply

    Summer almost over. Got my tix yesterday at Red Cal. Almost out. Holy crap! A sellout?

    Squeaky Ed

  41. Garth Thompson Reply

    You guys do shows at The Fairview?? Real bummer that its being demolished. There goes the neighborhood..

  42. JJ MAC Reply

    All quiet on the Blues Front this summer but I see that you have Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmour coming. Hardly blues but that is a great billing.especially at the Imperial. I saw Sonny Landreth there – awesome show. Love the sound system.

  43. Blues Whacker Reply

    Thanks fellas. Very good show by Salgado.. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  44. Swampy Reply


  45. Greg Taylor Reply

    I have family coming across from the Island to see Salgado – apparently the Victoria show was cancelled. Do you guys work closely with The Victoria Blues Society? What time will Salgado be on stage.

    • Ron Reply

      Hey Greg, Mojo Stars at 7.30 pm & Curtis Salgado Band at 9pm. Gonna be a lively show. Good Blues & Good Brews

  46. Swampy Reply

    Swampy Says,JOSH, Go to the society’s Facebook page – a lot more on what the society is doing can be found there..

  47. Josh Read Reply

    Well I never. A blues society here in Vancouver. Must have been livin’ under a rock. As The Yale faded away I kind of started checking out other genres of music – also trips to Chicago, Memphis and San Francisco.. So, Salgado at The Rio Theatre. Sounds good, anyone else going?

  48. Brad McDougal Reply

    Just wanna say, great show with Tinsley Ellis

    • Jesse Reply

      I agree Brad. I’ve seen Ellis several times and that by far was his best performance.

  49. Swampy Reply

    SWAMPY SAYS YES. Great show. Tinsley awesome and Rockin’ Rocky a little to heavy – Enjoyed his CD – playing the dobro. Bring on CURTIS SALGADO

  50. Swampy Reply

    Got my ticket today at Highlife – not too many left. Guys, You betta jump on it otherwise it maybe too late.

  51. Swampy Reply

    Shit, Tinsley Ellis on Friday …. Did not see any advertisements in paper. Must get my tickets. Heard the dude on CoOp last night playing “Double Eyed Whammy”. I remember Freddy King playing that at The Commodore when I was a kid.

  52. Ron Reply

    Just heard last week that TINSLEY ELLIS’ new album “Winning Hand” was #1 on Billboard’s Blues Charts last week.How about that – Not bad as it was only released the week before. Don’t forget to grab your tickets for Tinsley’s show at The Rio Theatre, Feb 18th. Doors 6pm. Note ITS AN EARLY SHOW ….. No more late night blues

  53. Greg Taylor Reply

    Your ad for Tinsley looks really cool in the January issue of Beatroute – Lookin’ forward to seeing Tinsley Ellis again. I’d love to see you do more shows. I’m on board for everyone. Bless you guys…GT

  54. Blues Whacker Reply

    Just heard on the radio that Ron Jacobs, the original saxophonist with Downchild Blues Band passed away recently

  55. Blues Whacker Reply

    Plus the fact that you can park yourself into a comfortable theatre seat (not like The Vogue) and enjoy a show with your favourite beverage. Getting too old for that standing crap.

  56. R Percy Reply

    Time to shell out for 4 tickets for Tinsley Ellis. First saw this guy at The Pump many years ago. Just like to say that I appreciate the great blues talent you guys are serving up.. I remember years back when the main act would go on at mid-night. Geez, rough when you had to work next day.

    Any chance of booking a female blues artist????????

  57. Stephen Oliver Reply

    Great site Ron. Thanks for all the great shows that you promoted. I got to see many legends before they passed away because of you.

    • Steve Reply

      Good to hear from you Steve – yes, we are now the ones rapidly approaching that zone. Catch Em While You Can. Can’t remember the band you & the missus drove into see but still have vivid memories of the two of you crawling across Granville to bed down for the night – wise choice … haha. All the best to you two as well as Cora and everyone else at Fraser Valley Radio – thanks for the support. Also give a ‘shout out’ to Norm

  58. Ron Reply

    Thank you for the comments Arsen – appreciated. Was nice to see some other local musicians out as well. For those interested Atlanta blues rocker will be at The Rio Theatre, Feb 18th. Tickets on sale through the society. Opening will be Port Moody based Rocky Milino Jr. See you all there.

  59. R. PERCY Reply

    Lousy Weather but a damn fine night for blues. Both bands were “cookin”, toes were tapping and many fine folks dancing. Must say a great night overall. Cannot wait for the next show.

  60. Arsen Shomakhov Reply

    Thank You to everyone at the Canadian Pacific Blues Society for bringing Rick Estrin & the Nightcats!
    I realise how much efforts it takes to organize a show like this. That was a rear opportunity for Vancouver blues fans to see one of the best modern blues acts. Looking forward to more great blues shows!

  61. Mr. Smooth Reply

    Mr. Ned. I think you are referring to Little Charlie Baty. That would be really cool. Some Guitar Mayhem

  62. Rocka Bluesee Ned Reply

    Rumour has it that Little Charly was seen in Vancouver today. Is he back with The Nightcats? I’m a rockabilly freak & both Charly & Andersen are high on my list of 6 string benders to see

  63. R. PERCY Reply

    Seem to be a few talking about this show. Certainly will take one’s mind off the glum weather we have been experiencing.. I know the area quite well. Good for tasty & reasonably cheap eats. Lets do it you blues hounds.

  64. Karen Reply

    I have just heard about this show at The Rio. My husband and I went to The Yale for many years in its early days. Then we had kids and lost track of the blues scene. Many years later we are now wanting to make up for lost time. So these guys were formerly known as LITTLE CHARLIE & THE NIGHTCATS. Got the same vocalist with the hip threads & the jive ass vocals. He does that tune “Dump That Chump”. Get my tickets in the morning. Karen

  65. Brother Blues Reply

    I agree on previous comments regarding Kid Andersen. Very highly regarded through his touring with Rick Estrin. Don’t forget that it was Terry Hanck who got him started in America. Has a great studio near San Jose. Any wannabee roots guitar player should check out his credentials LIVE!

  66. Blues Whacker Reply

    Yes, Rick Estrin & The Nightcats have a great guitar player by the name of Kid Andersen. Whether blues or rockabilly this individual is the real deal. Amazing player all of 6′ 6″ and a Norwegian.

    • D.L. Davison Reply

      Hey Blues Whacker. Took your advice & checked out some video on this Kid Andersen. Man, what great guitar playing. Was reading up on his Greaseland studio.

  67. Brother Blues Reply

    Hi Blues Kats: Actually there is more about this society on their Facebook page. More current news & lots lots more other stuff including videos.

  68. D.L. Davison Reply

    A first time user of this site. Glad to see you guys still out there soldiering on presenting the blues, especially with some of the name bands. I’ve attended 5 or 6 shows over the past 3 years and have been very impressed with the presentation. The Rio is a great place to see a show plus the fact that you can dance if you so wish & not obstruct anyone’s view. Rick Estrin is a dynamic harp player. This band jumps & wails like no other. Believe it or not I’m taking my ex-wife. Back in better times we’d party & dance to this band at The Town Pump when they were called Little Charlie & The Nightcats. Ole!

    • Brother Blues Reply

      Hey DL, I’ll be dancing with you at The Rio. Great venue for live music as you say. Been watching Dave & the gang ever since The Twisters were formed. Let’s get up off out Butts and drag along a few friends and support one of the best harmonica players in this town – I hear there is some link between David Hoerl and Rick Estrin

  69. The Blues Lion Reply

    Just arrived the other day from Winnipeg. Have heard great things over the years about The Yale but I see sadly no more – some BBQ place with line dancing. Have just found out about you guys & I see Rick Estrin is coming. Great harp player. Living near Main St. so will get my tickets there. ROAR! FOR THE BLUES

  70. Cynthia Reply

    Fantastic, my prayers are answered regarding Rick Estrin & The Nightcats at The Rio. Quality act for sure. Just been reading up on The Twisters – sound like a great band as well.
    Thank you

  71. Sonny Sunny Blues Girl Reply

    I agree with Blues Whacker’s comments regarding Nanaimo Blues Fest. A solid lineup and just a ferry ride away. No need to miss work, etc etc

    • Darren Davison Reply

      Nanaimo Festival was great…. never been to a Blues Fest. Will be there next year for sure. Looking at some of the other comments posted here – need some regular action here in Vancouver ….DD

  72. Cynthia Reply

    Seems a few people looking for some good blues shows – My husband and I are newcomers to Vancouver area and in the past i’ve heard great things about the West Coast and The Yale but in the 5 months that we have been here there has been very little to savour. We are more interested in seeing top quality bands in a quality space. Recommendations such as Rick Estrin & The Nights Cats, The Nighthawks, Charlie Musselwhite, Joe Louis Walker, Nellie Travis or Monster Mike Welch and Michael Ledbetter. We are not interested in JAMS or such, just quality blues.

    • Blues Whacker Reply

      Cynthia. Jump on the ferry and take in the Nanaimo Blues Fest. Good lineup this year


  73. Ron Reply

    We lost a great contemporary blues bass man yesterday.Noel Neal, a younger brother of Kenny and a former member of the Kenny Neal Band, James Cotton Blues Band, Buddy Guy Band and countless sessions for many others passed away in Baton Rouge at the age of 54.

  74. Jeffrey Reply

    Can someone help me out ???
    I used to enjoy going to the Blues-Jams at “The Yale” and then “The Fanclub”. When that closed, it moved to a couple of different venues and I finally lost the trail at the “Blue Martini Jazz Café”.
    Does anyone know if that’s still going on somewhere? Or maybe there are some similar jams happening at some other places around Vancouver?

    Thanks for any information someone could pass on, Jeffrey!

    • Russ Murray Reply

      Yes it’s been a sad state of affairs on the Blues-Jams with the closure some years ago of The Yale, then more recent years the FanClub ceasing to be a music venue in favour of more exotic entertainment. I believe the Cottage Bistro on Main is doing Blues Jams, but best you check with them to confirm. Other than that, I’m not familiar with any other venues in Vancouver doing any sort of Blues Jams.

  75. Blues Whacker Reply

    Made it to the show. Surprised to see a lot of blues fans missing. Not supporting local blues musicians ?????? Not over the top but a thoroughly enjoyable evening of blues….. BW

  76. Blues Whacker Reply

    Tired website ?????
    Heard the new Ronnie Bake-Brooks album on CoOp Radio last week. Nice album. Enjoyed his tracks on the new Big Head Blues Club CD as well. Anyway, got my tickets for Kozak’s concert coming up.
    Hope to see you there. You can dance, Yes?

  77. Greg Taylor Reply

    Anybody notice that the great drummer on James Brown’s “Cold Sweat” passed away. Greg

  78. Greg Taylor Reply

    So I see by Facebook you are planning on other shows. That is good and I hope soon. This area is starved for talented blues performers, maybe we were spoiled by The Yale for so many years. I see many of the performers who are still alive that they are sitting at home twiddling their thumbs – Let’s get rockin’ … sorry, bluesin’

    • Vancouver Blues Around Town Reply

      Check out our website for local & touring blues musicians in Vancouver, Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley! Spread the word!

  79. Sonia Wright Reply

    Still no female blues in sight. Maybe Janiva Magness or Marcia Ball or ?

  80. Thomas D Watson Reply

    After that fabulous show with The Alvin Brothers what do you have coming next – or have I missed it? Is it possible to get guys who were popular at The Yale back this way again … ie Joe Louis Walker, Rick Estrin and the Nightcats, Tommy Castro and Janiva Magness. There is not much blues traveling this way much. Circuit dried up?

  81. Blue Tiger Reply

    I have just discovered this site. Not much action as the last scribe noted. I thought Vancouver was a blues town? Too passive in old age? No rants? My gawd. I must agree with Blues Whacker’s comments about Burnaby Roots & Blues – No artist grabbing the jugular. Who the hell is booking this festival.

  82. Blissful Blues Girl Reply

    Ist time comment. Looked at this site just over a year ago – i guess lovers of the blues don’t have too much to say!!!!

  83. Blues Whacker Reply

    Everybody enjoy Burnaby Roots & Blues????? Enjoyed Colin James but really have to say that there was a lack of quality blues artists – too much fringe stuff. More like a picnic atmosphere waiting for a lift off. WHAT SAY YOU BLUES BOYS & GIRLS?????

  84. Benji Reply

    Well, i got decked out and made it (first time) to this much talked about club for the Alvin Brothers show. Simply one of the best shows in recent memory that i have attended. A lack of seating but most seemed quite comfortable with the club’s surroundings – superb sound. Much of the evening i was at the back of the room and i will say that i heard EVERY WORD. Can’t say that about The Commodore or other live music venues in this town. Congratulations to the society

  85. Blues Whacker Reply

    Must agree Thomas. Fabulous sound for both bands certainly makes for a better show. Would be nice if they served draft beer but hey! Can’t have everything

  86. Thomas D Watson Reply

    What can I say – Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous night at the Imperial.Two great bands with twangy frontmen. Long may Dave & Phil rule. All to be congratulated.

    • alvin54 Reply

      thanks very much for your great, positive post…. CPBS

  87. Wendy Martinez Reply

    Hey, is this site a blokey thing – where are the wenches???? I just sold off my Folk Fest tickets & bought 3 for the Dave Alvin show. Cousin Harley & The Alvins … Bring ’em on.

    • alvin54 Reply

      Hello Wendy:

      Yes, our roster of artists has been dominated by male performers. However, that’s certainly not by design but by the society being dedicated to what’s available to keep the blues alive in Vancouver. We’re well aware that plenty of the top blues artists are women. We love their music too and are always trying to bring them here. We’re working hard now on bringing a super-talented female performer here for a big show in the fall. As soon as we can work out the details, we’ll let everyone know. In the meantime, glad you can make it to the Alvins show in a couple weeks. It promises to be another tremendous show, with Cousin Harley to boot! Bring all the friends you can.


  88. Tom Blakelock Reply

    Ooooops! Happy Canada Day y’all

  89. Tom Blakelock Reply

    Arrived back in town 3 days ago. Off to buy my tickets tomorrow. Have missed live music so raring to go. Good to see the talented Paul Pigat opening – Lets twang

  90. alvin54 Reply

    Alvins show much more than a blast from the past!

    As founders of the band, Phil Alvin and Dave Alvin are of course the backbone of the Blasters, a blues-based but diverse musical powerhouse that made many a stop in Vancouver since the band’s formation in 1979. Remember Phil’s classic, hiccuping vocal trait of rock-and-roll greats? Jam-packed shows in front of their legions of dedicated fans at the Town Pump and Commodore were common through the 1980s

    Both Phil And Dave found often separate creative paths over the years, and had heavy influences on such artists as Los Lobos and Dwight Yokum. The Blasters were on the bill for the first two Farm Aid concerts and their music has been featured in many films and TV shows, including recent HBO smash Six Feet Under.

    Phil and Dave’s spectacular 2014 effort Common Ground— a songbook tribute album to American blues legend Big Bill Broonzy — earned them a Grammy Award nomination.

    Now their Americana blend of blues, rockabilly, rock and roll, punk, mountain music and even R&B is melding with Dave’s band The Guilty Ones in 2016.

    So following their wildly successful and quickly sold-out show at the Electric Owl last summer, the Canadian Pacific Blues Society is very pleased to present the return of Dave and Phil with the Guilty Ones to Vancouver on Thursday, July 14 at the Imperial (319 Main St.).

    But wait, that’s not all! Popular Vancouver-based rockabilly outfit Cousin Harley, with guitarist Paul Pigat at the helm, will take the opening stage for a raucous start to the evening.

    Doors for the show will open at 6:30 p,m., with showtime pegged for 7:30 p.m.

    Tickets are $35 plus service charges, etc., in advance, or $40 at the door. They are available online at or in person at High Life Records, Neptoon Records & CDs, Red Cat Record, and Zulu Record.

    This show is sure to sell out well before the doors open, so don’t delay in securing your tickets.

  91. Justin Wainwright Reply

    Just discovered this site & am browsing through the comments – one from Nanaimo Bar looking for a good record store for blues in Vancouver. I must say that its slim pickings in this city but there is a great store in downtown Nanaimo. I get over there twice a year & always come away with a dozen or so – lotsa vinyl & CDs. Believe its called Amazing Rhythms. – just up from The Queens.

  92. Swampy Reply

    That is a great addition to The Alvin’s bill – Cousin Harley. Swampy is OK with that.

  93. Ron Reply

    Just a post to remind you all that tickets are in all outlets now for the Dave & Phil Alvin show at the Imperial, July 14th. The ticket machine was out of action for several days and then I was on holiday. A great response so far … a sellout??

    Available at Zulu, Red Cat, Highlife and Neptoon and on line at There will be no tickets available at Beat Merchant this time around but we will be back there with tickets for our next show in the fall – Best of luck Frankie.

  94. Swampy Reply

    Thanks Blues Whacker for the heads up – just picked up 2 a couple of hours ago

  95. Blues Whacker Reply

    I believe tickets on sale now Swampy – some delay with printing

  96. Swampy Reply

    The Alvins are coming back – when????

    • Russ Murray Reply

      Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin with the Guilty Ones will be appearing on Thursday July 14, 2016 at Imperial on Main Street. Doors at 6:30 pm / Show at 7:30 pm. On-Line Tickets are Now Available at
      Tickets in retail locations will be available the week of May 23rd at the following retailers, Highlife Records, Neptoon, Red Cat, and Zulu Records.

  97. BJ Gray Reply

    Just want to say thanks for the Curtis Salgado show – Fox is a great little venue. I stopped by the Curry House next door after the show. Great food & great prices – added some spice to the blues. I guess any day now for Dave & Phil Alvin tickets? …BJ

  98. Ron Reply

    Sad to hear that CANDYE KANE passed away last night after a long, valiant fight with pancreatic cancer. Over the past 30 years i had a lot of joy working with both Candye and her ex-husband Tom
    Yearsly of The Paladins. In recent months a lot of old footage of Candye’s musical performances have been added to You Tube

  99. Roberto Valencia Reply

    Would Candy Kane or Nicki Hill suffice???

  100. Sonia Wright Reply

    Yes, what about a female blues singer!!!!! Plenty around but nobody books them. Not the wimpy-folkee type.

    • Russ Murray Reply

      Maybe the caliber of Ruthie Foster, Janiva Magness, Shemekia Copeland, and such?

  101. Blues Whacker Reply

    Great show with Curtis. Keep bringing these guys – what about a female singer????

  102. Charles Taylor Reply

    Not sure if any of you folks realize, but the original Black Swan Records was 2 doors south of the Fox Cabaret. Main St. is a happening place. From 7th Ave all the way up to 30th there is a zillion cafes and bistros to eat at – some are open until late. Fabulous curry house next door to The Fox.Great Beer, Great Food & Great Blues all tonight on Main Street

  103. Ron Reply

    Good question KGB. (I trust not the Russian abbreviation ??) Since we started the society Curtis has been at the top of our “bucket list”. Seeing his performance that night at The Rio & with the release of his new album this past Friday just reinforced that we needed Salgado – Its been many years since he has played Vancouver. Many of you know doubt remember him from the late 80s with Robt Cray, their live broadcasts from Rohans & The Spinning Wheel on CoOp Radio and later opening shows for Muddy Waters at The Commodore. What you got at The Rio is just a small inkling of what you will witness at The Fox this Friday night. Lots of great soul and blues tunes – great for dancing. The band features guitarist Vyasa Dodson who blew a few heads at The Yale a few years ago with The Insomniacs and Curt’s long time bassist, Tracy Arrington. As the CoOp Radio announcers said back in the day “Be There Or Be Square” ….. Ron

  104. KGB Reply

    Why would the society bring back Curtis not long after he was here at the Rio Theatre???

    • Russ Murray Reply

      He’s back by popular demand, and is one of the greatest living Soul, Blues, R&B singers on today’s Blues scene. Curtis is critically acclaimed & in high demand in clubs and on the Blues Festival circuit around the world.

  105. BJ Gray Reply

    Looking on my wife’s FB … Big rant from the society. I’ve attended 3 events & have been pleasantly surprised. I like the idea very much that I will be out the door at 10.30 pm

  106. Thomas D Watson Reply

    See your distress call for folks to buy tickets for the Salgado show on your facebook. I think there are a few too many couch potatoes around these days. I will be out of town so unfortunately will not be able to attend but i’d say to the blues community, get off your fat butts a get down to The Fox on April 15th. I’m one of those guys who appreciate seeing US blues bands live here in Vancouver. …TDW

  107. Wendy Martinez Reply

    Well, I purchased my two tickets today. I had no idea that Colin James had sat in on one of your shows. Maybe post some photos ??

  108. Blues Whacker Reply


  109. Ron Reply

    Correct John, Yvasa Dodson is traveling with the Salgado Band. Great opportunity for those who remember Curtis Salgado for his days with Robert Cray Band at Rohans, Spinning Wheel etc – thats 38 years ago. Much more on Salgado’s exploits since then at

  110. John Whiting Reply

    I have heard that Vyasa Dodson is playing guitar with Curtis Salgado at The Fox Cabaret. I met him some years ago at The Yale when he was playing with The Insomniacs. Can bend strings as good as anybody on the west coast. Should be a great show. Missed Salgado at The Rio .. JW

  111. Blake Reply

    I agree Blues Whacker, Montoya is an absolute must. How about Tab Benoit or even Kenny Neal – its been a long while since they have been here. Just wanna say that Harmonica show was a blowout – hells bells, Little Charlie & Anson Funderburgh were outstanding. Not sure if anyone was upstairs but downstairs wuz swingin’. It took me back to the great days at The Yale.

  112. Blues Whacker Reply

    Would like to thank you gentlemen once again for a stalwart job of presenting great blues acts in Vancouver. I dropped by The Yale the other day & was very disappointed with what i saw. I guess we all hoped for its resurrection but what’s there today pales in comparison.

    No harm in asking but any chance of booking Coco Montoya down the line ??

  113. Simon Kennedy Reply

    Holy Toledo …. Curtis Salgado back so soon. The Fox is a great venue – saw Cecile’ Doo-Kingue there the other night. I checked out his site and see that he has a new CD coming out in a few days. Maybe we will see special guests at the show??? ….. Si

  114. Ron Reply

    DD: Yes, in Seattle Charlie Musselwhite, Jason Ricci, Big Jon Atkinson and Kyle Rowland were on the bill as well. Musselwhite declined to come to Vancouver before tickets went on sale and Kim Wilson, who was also part of the lineup pulled out (replaced by Salgado). Both Ricci & Atkinson had potential border problems – Rowland notified Hummel that he was joining the LA Police Academy.

    Putting together the “Harmonica Blowouts” is certainly a chore in itself for Mark Hummel, assembling some of the great harmonica players in captivity but also making sure that everyone’s schedule is free for the tour. For the holiday Monday the turnout was great and the response on both our website & facebook pages has been overwhelming. What’s next? Salgado in the spring ??

  115. DD White Reply

    Ditto Mr Kennedy. First time i’ve seen live music in The Rio Theatre. Soundman certainly had everyone dialed in. Not quite sure why the others playing on the bill in Seattle were not here at The Rio. Heard a rumour that some had potential border issues !!! Fabulous venue, fabulous musicians. What else can i say.

  116. Simon Kennedy Reply

    You’ve got me hooked guys. Great performance last night at The Rio. Looked like a very full house.
    Worth every penny. I was late for work but so what. Lets do it again …. Si

  117. alvin54 Reply

    Folks: What a great show at the Rio with the harmonica blowout. Thanks to all for making it to the Monday night gig. Please believe in our choices of artists for your enjoyment and spread the word so we can continue to bring the blues back to Vancouver on a regular basis at the highest talent level. Al

  118. Penny Wise Reply

    My goodness. This is a cute website. Looked at your face book page as well. This harmonica thingy on Monday night looks likely for a couple of lonely gals. Not to much blues these days in Vancouver.

  119. James Buddy Rogeres Reply

    I am doing a show with Tom Lavin & the Legendary Powder Blues on Feb 21 at the Cascades Casino in Langley. All bands are playing for free. This is to raise money for a 5 year old girl with a rare cancer. I am wondering if you are open to letting your network know about this show. It’s called ‘Blues Aide for Kira Short’ and there is a Facebook Event with more info. Cheers!

  120. Garth Thompson Reply

    Hi Blake. I agree with your comments regarding the Sonny Landreth show. Some of footage being shown of “Harmonica Blowout” shows Little Charlie playing guitar. So two great guitarists. Charlie and Anson.

  121. Russ Murray Reply

    Hi Erwin. We added you. Hopefully you received the Feb Newsletter & Calendar sent out earlier today (Mon Feb 1st).


  122. Blake Reply

    Thanks for posting the video of Aki Kumar on you events page – I do like. Looking forward to the show

  123. Blake Reply

    Lucky I discovered you guys – I’m a huge guitar freak and attended the Sonny Landreth show. What a treat – that was incredible sound. That is the best i have ever seen from Sonny. The band really rocked propelled by that drummer Brian Brignac. I’m not really a harmonica fan but i see Anson Funderburgh is on the bill so i will be there.

  124. St Vincent. Reply

    Great show tonight with Sonny. Fabulous room and fantastic sound – even better than The Commodore. Throw in a few more chairs & i’d call it #1 room in Vancouver

  125. Pretty Polly Reply

    Thanks for posting the obit for Portland Al. Many pleasant memories of the Main St. store.

  126. Ron Reply

    Just got word that Portland Al Conte passed away – service tomorrow,(sat) at Ocean View Cemetary
    at Willingdon/Imperial at 2 pm. I like many of you other blues fiends had many fond moments of talking to Al at his “Blues Fiefdom” on Main St. One of the true blues characters of yesteryear. Share memories

  127. Colleen Hale Reply

    How can I join the Canadian Pacific Blues Society?

  128. Ron Reply

    Sorry Garth. I never replied to this. There is no opening band. As in the past Mark Hummel does two big sets featuring everybody in both sets. This show will be the first time Curtis Salgado has played Vancouver in a long time likewise for Anson Funderburgh. If you have never been to The Rio its a great old theatre with relatively new style theatre seats. You can be served at the bar or be served in your seats by a waitress with your favourite beverage. Hope to see you there.

    • Brian Chadwick Reply

      The Dream Café has been called the best small live music venue in Canada by many musicians. We would love to connect with you and offer our venue for some of the smaller blues and roots artists.

      We are in Penticton BC.

      • Russ Murray Reply

        Hey Brian:
        I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Dream Cafe, Have never had the pleasure of taking in a show there. While we appreciate the offer of your fine establishment, it doesn’t work for us as it’s such a long drive from the Vancouver Lower Mainland, and many of us have day jobs which prevents us from making the trip. We wish you continued success with what you do in the name of the Blues.

  129. Gary Wang Reply

    Ditto Garth …. one show i’m looking forward. Never been to the Imperial but website looks really cool

  130. Garth Thompson Reply

    Finally, tickets for Harmonica Blowout. Saw two of these shows at The Yale a few years ago. Being a novice blower i was knocked out by the caliber of this presentation; Lee Oskar, Kim Wilson, etc. Any opening act?????

    • Russ Murray Reply

      Mark Hummel always brings the best of the best and the up & coming Blues Harp players. It’s going to be a Fabulous Show. No opening act this time around, as Mark & the rest of the musicians will be putting on two solid sets of music the night of the show, Feb 8, 2016 at the RIO Theatre. Look forward to seeing you there Garth.

  131. Ron Reply

    Hi Everybody, The tickets are now out & on sale for both Sonny Landreth and Mark Hummel’s Blues Harmonica Blowout. Sonny is at the Imperial, which is a fabulous venue on Main St. just doors north of E.Hastings (opp the old cop shop). Al Walker will be opening. Twill be a wonderful show.

    Harmonica Blowout has had a few little twists over the past weeks with Kim Wilson suddenly pulling out, Kyle Rowland telling Mark he was joining the Police Academy in L.A. and a couple of others having potential border problems. We thought of cancelling but the thought of these wonderful harp monsters not coming this way …. Grrrrrr. We also want to make this an annual event and the four previous shows at The Yale all sold out and many of you saw Musselwhite, Lee Oskar, Magic Dick, etc for the first time. This is the most expensive show we have done so hoping that all you harp fiends will get out to support – bring a friend, spread the word. The show is at The Rio Theatre (all seating) on Feb 8th – Its a Monday & the show starts at 7pm and ends around 10 pm. Very close to major bus routes and Sky Train. So the lineup is.
    Mark Hummel, Little Charlie Baty (the Nightcats), Curtis Salgado (replacing Wilson – he’s the mentor for John Belushi’s “Blues Brothers”), Aki Kumar (brilliant young west coaster), Big Jon Atkinson (another young harp turk) and the band with legendary Anson Funderburgh on guitar, RW Grigsby on bass and Wes Starr on drums (Anson’s longtime Rocket drummer).

    Tickets for these shows will make great stocking stuffers this Christmas … “Hey Santa Claus, Hey Santa Claus”

  132. Walter Van Dyck Reply

    Black Swan Records in the mid 80s was a great place for new blues records – was recognized as the best in Western Canada. Was also great for Jazz and Folk Music. Was funky & had knowledgeable staff. By the time they relocated to West Broadway it was going downhill. Black Swan and Zulu were the premier independent record stores in the west – no bones about that. Oh how i pine for those days again.

  133. Blues Whacker Reply

    Don’t think there are any record stores in Vancouver that carry newly released blues recordings. Maybe try Nanaimo

  134. Nanaimo Bar Reply

    Anybody know where you can find a record store in Vancouver that stocks the new Gogo CD ??

    • Russ Murray Reply

      For starters I’d suggest Beatmerchant out in Steveston, or you could try High Life on Commercial Drive. Good luck with that. Hope we’ll see you at our David Gogo CD Release Party at the RIO Theatre on Nov 7th, 2015. Doors at 7 / Show at 8. Tickets are $20 + SC Advance or $25 at the Door. Advance tickets available at Beatmerchant, High Life, Neptoon, Red Cat, Zulu, and on line at

    • mellk_0120 Reply

      David Gogo’s new CD Vicksburg Call can be bought online or instore at the various HMV locations. Check out HMV locations online and you reserve to pick up at the store location. I have
      done that for a few different CD’s. :)

  135. Richard Hartland Reply

    This isn’t so much a comment on your website but a question to the blues promoters in Vancouver. Why haven’t any of the promoters in the Metro Vancouver area ever booked Ana Popovic?

    The “Serbian Scorcher” as she has been called puts on an incredible show. I had to travel over to Victoria on Labour Day weekend to catch her show at Ship Point in the Inner Harbour and I have to tell you I was not disappointed.

    I have been listening to her for the 8 yrs or so and always knew she was great guitarist and vocalist. But after watching her live I’m convinced, now more than ever, that she is one of the top ten guitarists on the planet right now which is great to see given that it is an area usually dominated by men. In fact, she is better than a lot of the men out there!

    Of the guitarists currently performing I would put Ana up there with the likes of Joe Bonamassa, Gary Clark Jr., Warren Hayes, Eric Sardinas and Derek Trucks. Ana is very deserving of all the recognition that she has been receiving. Ana deserves to be mentioned in the same conversation as players like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac founder and composer of “Black Magic Woman”), Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana and Mick Taylor (John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers & Rolling Stones). With the exception of Eric Sardinas I’ve had the pleasure of seeing all of these gentlemen live and Ana doesn’t take a back seat to any of them.

    It was so inspiring to hear her covering songs by Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, two of the all time greatest guitarists. I was on You Tube recently and saw a video of her playing Chester Burnett’s (Howlin’ Wolf) “Killing Floor”. I’ve not heard that song played with such passion since Mike Bloomfield (Paul Butterfield Blues Band & Electric Flag) played it in the late 60’s. Ana could be compared favourably to another late guitarist, the unforgettable Duane Allman.

    To quote one record producer: “In today’s music, it is rare to find a talent like Ana Popovic. Ana embodies the entire package: a gifted song writer with a passionate and highly original voice, both as a singer and a writer, and a brilliant guitarist who takes a backseat to no one alive, with as much heart and deep soul in her playing as anyone else that I have ever heard.”

    So I have to ask: Why haven’t we see her perform in Vancouver?

    • mellk_0120 Reply

      Ana just performed over in Victoria at the #VIBluesbash in the summer. She was great! As you know already very few venues in town that can host musicians now adays. Shame !!

    • Ron Reply

      Regarding Ana Popovic in Vancouver. For a great number of years i tried to book Ana for The Yale but never got approached – i’ve worked with her US agent for the past 15 years. She played the Mt Baker Blues Festival not long ago and as you say Victoria. In those cases both festivals don’t allow there main acts to play close by. Ana still lives in Europe so only visits the US periodically & those tours have a limited time frame. Ana is now with a new agency.

      A few weeks back i tried to book Walter Trout but unfortunately it did not work out. With this society we are booking acts slowly and putting them in venues that are suitable. Feb 8th we have Mark Hummel’s 25th Anniversary Harmonica Blow Off which will see Dallas guitarist Anson Funderburgh in the band. We are working on a major blues/rock guitarist for mid January. If blues/rock is your forte i would thoroughly recommend David Gogo at The Rio Theatre on Nov 7th.

      Thanks for your interest. Have you signed up yet for the monthly newsletter, etc.?

  136. Rick E. Reply

    Just curious as to when tickets will go on sale for Mark Hummel’s 25th Anniversary Harmonica Blowout.

    • Russ Murray Reply

      Soon, most likely after the David Gogo gig is finished. That’s on Nov 7th. Mark Hummel’s 25th Anniversary Harmonica Blowout isn’t until Feb 8th, 2016 so we have lots of time. Stay tuned to our website and our Facebook pages for an official announcement.

  137. LENNY McGREGOR Reply

    First time on here. Just wanna say, thanks for your events so far. I have not been able to attend all shows because of my work schedule – i will pick up my ticket for the Dave Gogo show right after Thanksgiving. The harmonica show with Hummel & Kim Wilson looks more than interesting. Anson
    Funderburgh on the bill is enough to get me out. …. Lenny

  138. Gary Greenshield Reply

    Just surfing around and found this site – not a lot of activity here. Are you the guys doing Mark Hummel’s Harmonica Blow Off………Can you post further details. I certainly would be one to buy tickets for Guitar Shorty

    • Russ Murray Reply

      Hi Gary:

      Yes, GREAT NEWS on that front. We’ve just recently confirmed that we will indeed be doing Mark Hummel’s 25th Anniversary Harmonica Blow Off on Mon Feb 8, 2016, at the RIO Theatre on East Broadway. In addition to Mark, you can expect to see Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds, Kim Wilson Band, etc.), Little Charlie Baty (Little Charlie & the Nightcats), Anson Funderburgh (Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets), Aki Kumar, R.W. Grigsby, Big Jon Atkinson, Kyle Rowland, & Wes Starr. It’s been a long time since we had a Harmonica Blow with Hummel & Guests and it’s been even longer since Kim Wilson or Little Charlie have been here. We’re truly excited & hope to see you & all the other Mississippi Saxophone lovers out for this one.

      • Sam Dulmage Reply

        Oh man. I happened to be in San Francisco a couple of years ago and caught this show at Yoshi’s on Oakland. Holy hell what a great show! I’m psyched to get my friends out to see this crew. R.W. Grigsby’s an amazing bass player. Watching your news feed with anticipation!

  139. Thomas D Watson Reply

    New to this website. Did not make the Little Victor show – saw the ads in The Straight. Anyway, whats up next?? TDW

    • Russ Murray Reply

      David Gogo is up next, Sat Nov 7th at the RIO Theatre. CD Release Party for his 14th album, “Vicksburg Call”. Then on Feb 8, 2016 at the RIO Theatre we’ll present Mark Hummel’s 25th Annual Harmonica Blow Out with Mark, Kim Wilson, Little Charlie Baty, Anson Funderburgh, Aki Kumar, Big Jon Atkinson, Kyle Rowland, Wes Starr, & R.W. Grigsby. Apr 2, 2016 it’ll be Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whitely at a Venue TBA.

  140. Bluesbum Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS to Jake Williams, Winner of a Pair of Tickets to the Little Victor & the Harpdog Brown show, Sun Aug 30th at the RIO Theatre in Vancouver. This contest is now closed. :

  141. Bluesbum Reply

    The Canadian Pacific Blues Society has a pair of tickets to give-a-way to our Aug 30th Show featuring Little Victor & the Harpdog Brown Band at the RIO Theatre in Vancouver. First person to email us & tell us the name of the album that won Harpdog Brown a Maple Blues Award for Harmonica Player of the Year wins First person to email that correct answer to will win. You must be 19 years or older to win. Please include your name and postal address.

  142. Blues Whacker Reply

    U guys having an information booth at Burnaby this year (tomorrow) ????

  143. Geechee Dan Reply

    Back again. Really enjoyed The Alvin Brothers Show. I think the brothers did too. I’m surprised that others do not chat on here – Is it because we are all getting lazy???????

  144. Raj Vanderbeek Reply

    Just discovered this cool little website. I think it needs some work tho. Will check in now & then. Heard good things about some of the shows

  145. David Pavlich Reply

    Must congratulate the society on the Alvins show. Fantastic turnout. Once again the audience really into both brothers. Reminded me of those early shows at The Pump before Dave left. Hope you bring them back again

  146. Blues Whacker Reply

    Been away. So Alvins close to filling The Owl – thats great news for the society. With the Jazz Fest going on that’s even more fantastic. Any chance you guys can book Otis Taylor Band??????

  147. Brian Bryan Reply

    Periodically i check in to read comments – not much dialogue. For what it is worth i am absolutely pumped to see Dave & Phil Alvin on stage again. I was at Cap College last year & this billing was tremendous…. a little Blasters, a little Phil, a little Dave & of course tunes from their tribute album to the great Big Bill Broonzy, “Common Ground”. Maybe you guys should post your poster on the Home Page … not tucked away

  148. David Pavlich Reply

    Forget the farts. Twould be nice to see Gutar Shorty again. Is this an invitation for readers to respond?

  149. Old Fart Reply

    Oooops. Forgot. That Electric Owl is not suitable for Old Farts – very limited seating

  150. Old Fart Reply

    As an old fart i’d say that i would be there for Guitar Shorty. I dare say that he won’t be around forever. Saw him often in the 60s both here & in Seattle. I attended my first show presented by the society on March 1st – I am not really a fan of rock/blues but Castros was a tremendous show. thankyou

  151. Chris Darton Reply


    My name is Chris Darton. I’m a blues fan and a filmmaker. I’ve shot my first film … a documentary about a little known Canadian blues band and a special period in Canadian music.

    The title is The Way We Was: The Story of the Kendall Wall Band. The film is finished and we’ve secured a distribution deal with one of the biggest distributors in the world E-One Entertainment. Our problem is I’ve been unable to secure the funds to clear the legalities involved in the music and recording copyrights.

    I’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign as a last ditch attempt to raise the money to see this important snapshot of Canadian blues music receive a release.

    My partners on the project are co-producer Gary Kendall (The Downchild Blues Band) and executive producer Joel Goldberg (Flip, Flop and Fly 40 Years of the Downchild Blues Band and Bruce Cockburn Pacing the Cage).

    Please take a look at our Kickstarter and if you feel the project worthy I would appreciate anything your magazine/website/blues association can do to promote our effort.

    Your in Blues,

  152. Blues Whacker Reply

    How a bout Guitar Shorty. Would the old farts come out & support the show ???/ Or sit on their couches

  153. Geechee Dan Reply

    No left-handed guitar players amongst your photos – haha, just kidding.The Tommy Castro show was a monster. I’m tired of the big arena shows and a club the size of The Owl is just perfect. Jazz Fest can keep the overrated Buddy Guy. How about Coco Montoya or Guitar Shorty.

  154. PAUL WILLIAMS Reply

    Made it to Savoy Brown. Played great guitar and a treat to hear the old songs. I do question his limited vocal – Needs a singer. What say the rest of you ?????? PW

  155. PAUL WILLIAMS Reply

    GREAT show from Tommy Castro. Man, did they work hard. Old Harpdog was the icing on the cake.
    You guys talked me into buying Savoy Brown tickets so looking forward to that very much. I also liked the idea of going home at a reasonable time. Well done.

  156. Denny Reply

    Got to see Tommy Castro last night at the Electric Owl. WHOW what a show. Been trying to see him for awhile. I really enjoyed the show. He can play the Blues. Great venue.

  157. PAUL WILLIAMS Reply

    WHAMMIE!!!!! Got my tickets for Castro but just discovered this website. Hopefully you can expand this further.


  158. Gary Wang Reply

    Very nice photo of Harpdog at The Maple Leaf Awards – nice posting…… Gary

    • Blues Bum Reply

      Hey Gary:

      I sure hope you were able to catch Maple Blues Award Winner Harpdog Brown & his band’s tight, in-the-pocket & entertaining set when they opened at our recent show at The Electric Owl with Tommy Castro & the Painkillers. It was a killer show that left everyone wanting more. Hope to see you at more of our events to help us Keep the Blues Alive in Vancouver.


  159. Tony Black Reply

    Was looking at that recent post on your facebook page by Richard L ‘Hommedieu. Very interesting
    article about the future of blues. I think all should read

  160. Mr. Smooth Reply

    I now have my Castro tickets …. all 4. Saw Castro in San Francisco last year. One of the best blues shows that i have seen in years. Very dynamic. He really burns up those frets. …. Mr S.

  161. Mr. Smooth Reply

    I see Savoy Brown listed now. Any other shows besides Savoy & Castro on the horizon. How about something else besides rock/blues???

    • Blues Bum Reply

      Hey Mr. Smooth:

      In addition to the up & coming 50th Anniversary gig with Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown, the Canadian Pacific Blues Society has just confirmed Dave Alvin & the Guilty Ones for June 30th at The Electric Owl. We’re also working on some more Great Stuff for the summer & fall. Would love to let the cat out of the bag, but until all the t’s are crossed & all the i’s are dotted, we’ll just have to keep you wondering in anticipation. Just be sure to keep checking back on this website, or go to our Facebook page.

  162. BRYAN SALTER Reply

    Saw your poster for Tommy Castro today at Beat Merchant. Really cool colours/very striking. I look forward to the show. Harpdog Brown to open – now that’s cool too

  163. Roberto Valencia Reply

    Blues Whacker: Not much if any new blues releases in the lower mainland stores. I visited HMV last week and was very disappointed – just a smattering mixed in with pop/rock/etc.A token BB King. Got oodles of stuffed animals. There total stock of vinyl & Cds would half fill one side of Zulu.Go to Amazon or CD Baby but if you are serious try Very reasonable prices and much not stocked by others. RV

    • Blues Whacker Reply

      Mr Valencia. I went to the Blue Beat Music site you suggested. Unbelievable site, like going into a Candy store.Blues in all shapes & sizes and TASTE. I tried HMV on the weekend – as you say very disappointing

    • Stormy Reply

      Thanks for that! It’s just the answer I needed.

  164. Blues Whacker Reply

    I’ve just put my order in for Tommy Castro tickets. Great choice. In this day & age there a very few record stores left. Maybe someone in the society can give a brief rundown of where to find current releases of blues recordings in local Vancouver stores…. BW

  165. Charlie White Reply

    Took notice of your plug on Facebook for The Honeydrops at The Electric Owl – great show. Delightful band. Certainly had the house rockin’

  166. Tom Blakelock Reply

    Thanks guys for the great show. Both axeman wailed – a great night. Was a little late as i was there to the end (midnight). Short hop home on SkyTrain and was in bed by 12.35am. Again thanks…..Tom

  167. Nr. Smooth Reply

    You can squeeze my lemons and coat with a little honey. Great video.

  168. Gil Moore Reply

    Wow, a big thanks for sending me the notice about the show. Great little venue, Jimmy D Lane was good, but holy crap Popa Chubby was a huge surprise, 3 of us went and all of us were totally blown away. Being a guitar player myself, I was so impressed at the skill and his unique style on every tune. Nobody gave a crap about his amp issue, we just wanted him to play. the guitar appeared to be a little plaything the way he flew up and down the fret board, bending chords, flashing leads, and almost always following a melody line with catchy fills. Crazy great player.

    Gil Moore

  169. blue kitchen Reply

    Just back from the blues cruise. California Honeydrops were a major hit in a sea of fantastic talent that included the Mannish Boys, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Los Lobo, etc…..
    Buskers from the San Francisco area, the Honeydrops have made a major breakthrough with their blend of smooth blues, R&B, funk, reggae and even a bit of New Orleans second line style.
    Their late-night jams won them the award for the jammiest band on the cruise and attracted all variety of blues fans.
    Get your tickets early for the Electric Owl show because this one just might sell out…
    check them out on you tube at:

  170. Blues Whacker Reply

    Haha….What a show!!!!! 8pm to midnite. I’m walkin & sleepin’ all weekend in my Popa Chubby T-Shirt. And Yeh – that was Walter Trout’s drummer playing with Chubby. Been a longtime since i’ve seen & heard heavy blues guitar (from both). Damn, i had to take Friday off.

  171. Russ Murray Reply

    We gave away a pair of tickets to one of our email list regulars. Congratulations to Terry Fischer who won a pair of tickets to the Popa Chubby & Jimmy D. Lane Band double bill at the Electric Owl (Thurs Oct 9th). We also gave away a double CD by Popa Chubby, “Electric Chubbyland”, again to one of our email list regulars. Congratulations to Jay. The contest was only available to those on our email list.

    Want to be one of our email list regulars, receiving up-to-date Blues Gig information on artists traveling through the U.S. Pacific Northwest, the Vancouver Lower Mainland, & Vancouver Island? Just send us an email to and we’d be happy to add you to our list.

  172. Blues Whacker Reply

    Nice to know that the kitchen is open as i will be coming direct from work

  173. Tom Blakelock Reply

    Well, i will have to arrive early to get one. Hope they have food at the club.

    Any other shows to announce? I’d love to see Rick Estrin this way again. Hows about Charlie Musselwhite? Maybe Cotton & its been a long time since Rod Piazza has played this area …Tom

    • Russ Murray Reply

      Hi Tom:
      Yes we recommend you get there early. The club has a new kitchen in operation. We are proud to announce that we are a sponsor of an upcoming Timbre Productions Concert, with The California Honeydrops, a fabulous, versatile band from the San Francisco area. They play upbeat R&B, Soul, Funk, & Blues with a little bit of New Orleans thrown in. Some of us have seen them and would like to suggest that they’re the next Biggest Thing. We recommend people get tickets for this one. It’s Oct 29th at The Electric Owl. Only $15, which will be money well spent. Tickets available at High Life, Red Cat, Zulu, and

      We’re big fans of Rick Estrin & the Nightcats, Charlie Musselwhite, James Cotton, & Rod Piazza. Hopefully we’ll be able to do a show with one or more of the aforementioned, but we’ll need people to come out & support our shows, as a way of showing interest & supporting Live Blues and the Canadian Pacific Blues Society.

  174. Roberto Valencia Reply

    OK, so you the guys doing the Chubby show. Show at 8pm – Great

  175. Tom Blakelock Reply

    First time at this site. Found your website listed on the poster on Main St. 2 days later the poster was gone. Nice memento of the show – anymore left ?? … Tom

    • Russ Murray Reply

      Yes we have a few left.

  176. Blues Whacker Reply

    Oh, so comments page reappears! Well done. I enjoyed the show you guys did with John Nemeth at The Owl. First time i’ve ever been to that venue – must say that its a very impressive venue for blues – great sightlines. Very accessible by public transport. Who the hell wants to be downtown with all those other clubs. One does pine for The Yale tho’

    • Tom Blakelock Reply

      Yes, The Owl a really cool place. I take Skytrain to Main and walk the block and a half. … Tom

  177. Frank Reply

    This is an awesome site redesign. Great job guys!!!

  178. blue kitchen Reply

    Looking forward to Popa Chubby show. Should be a great time. Have seen him on the Blues Cruise and the boat was rockin.

  179. Billy Blues Boy Hansen Reply

    Very excited to see you have Popa Chubby booked at the Electric Owl on Oct 9th. The guy is a killer on guitar, an absolute monster player. I remember seeing him at The Yale back in 2007 if my memory serves me correctly. My hats off to you folks for finally stepping up and bringing top calibre Blues talent to Vancouver. I’ve got my ticket already. Sure hope you get a great turn out & support for doing Live shows!

  180. Blues Whacker Reply

    Where is the Comments page ?????

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